Friday, August 21, 2015

Delima IBU kepada 2 hero...

Time 1st baby (azfar az-ziqry) rasa sikit je,xda m'buak2.. Bila dh 2nd baby (faaiq az-ziqry) nie makin menjadi2 perasaan tu..

Delima...delima...jenuh dok pikir ..sampai semua org di servey nya..

Tanya sana tanya sini...ada yg +ve ada semua tu plu diambil kira..

Rasanya ramai kot ibu2 kat luar sana punyai delima yg sama
Ia bukan kputusan yg senang..plu psetujuan ramai pihak..lagi2 suami kita
Mmg sgt delima kan bila kita isteri yg sudah biasa bkerja
Perlu memilih either jd wife n ibu yg bkerjaya or suri rumah yg bjaya...

Kedua2 nie sama hebat kerja nya n masing2 ada benefits tsendiri
Hanya tpulang pd kita utk pilih mn 1..

Bila bkerja ms dgn family 50-50 tp klu jd housewife 100 dgn family
Psl duit skrg dh xjd masalah, rs nya ramai housewife lagi tinggi income nya
Dr org yg makan gj nie..Bniaga online, menjahit, bakery dll..
smbil earn income smbil gendong or dodoi anak or sambil masak
Or sambil jemur kain or or or or dan or sampai tdo..

Hebat2 belaka ibu2 nie..yg bkerja pun xkurang hebat nya..kt ofice kerja btimbun2
Meeting sana meeting sini tp blk umah xsempat nk buka tudung fareeda, tudung AJ
Dh dok kalut2 amik penyapu kemas umah...baru nk bnafas sikit dh kena pk anak n suami
Nak mkn ape..pas bperang dgn kuali senduk semua dok pikir nk siap baju ank2 utk esok hari

Kan saya dah ckp semua IBU mmg sgt hebat, kalah superhero dlm TV tu..

So buat ms nie sy hanya bfikir utk jadi housewife yg bkerjaya n bjaya..
Sbb ape sy pilih tu sbb kerja insyallah kita blh cari tp ms utk kita dgn anak
Sgt bharga bg saya...time kecik nie lah kita blh peluk cium dia..manje2 dgn dia
Kesana kemari dgn dia..time kecik nie lah "mama nak ikot" "mama nak ikot"
Asal pakai tudung je dh mrengek2 nak ikot..padahal g jemur kain shj

Bila anak dah besar nt..xkan dia nk tdo dgn kita, pluk cium kita mcm time diaorg kecik..
Masing2 dh ada life sdiri..dok teperuk dlm bilik..pergi kerja..pergi study..
Time nie kita pakai tudung, kita plk yg dok jerit2 "sape nk teman mama" "sape nk ikot mama"

So nk xnak sy nk guna ms yg thad nie sebaik mungkin..insyaallah doa kan saya...
Hujung tahun nie dh blh tukar status...sbb itu pilihan saya..

Xkira le mn pun yg IBU pilih semua nya msh kerja yg mulia di sisi ALLAH
Mcari rezeki utk membantu suami n keluarga or
menjaga keharmonian & kebahagian rumah tangga
Anda semua hebat2  belaka..

Saturday, November 3, 2012


38.5'c ~ 11.15pm....cooler fever +pemantauan..
38'c ~ 3pm...Take medicine+pemantauan
next ~wating the the result...hope azfar ok...
alhamdulillah azfar x mragam...mama tau anak mama kuat...moga cepat sembuh...

cara pemantauan bayi yang sedang demam??
i also dont know how to reduce fever..
but what always mama dlm dunia nie buat ialah tuam/lap badan baby dgn air supaya panas berkurang...

every 10mnt check her temperature , if very high Contact your doctor straight away,
high temperature for baby:
  1.  under three months and has a temperature of 38 degrees C or more
  2.  and under six months and has a temperature of 39 degrees C or more.
petua lain saya share u can comment this post...thanks...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1st Naqib's Junior

Nama       : Azfar Az-Ziqry Bin Muhammad Naqib
D.O.B       : 25th Feb 2012
P.O.B        : Hospital Sungai Buloh
T.O.B        : 6.19pm
Weight    : 2.23kg

Keep strong my boy

1st Day meet My Baby 2days after deliver @NICU...rasa sedih sgt time tu bila tgok baby kana cucuk sana sendiri kna cucuk sakit ape tah lagi baby sekecil ini...time tu my hanya mampu bdoa agar my hero cepat sembuh n sihat...bderai gak air mata nie bila bpgg tngn and baby mrengek bila tgn nya di sentuh mama nya..

start hari tu my brulang alik dr Wad ke NICU utk myusukan baby kerana meratkan hubungan ksh syg antara ibu dan anak, susu ibu juga: 
1. Merupakan makanan terbaik untuk bayi

  •  ia mengandungi kesemua nutrien yang diperlukan untuk tumbesaran dan perkembangan otak bayi 
  • mudah hadam
  • sentiasa tersedia pada suhu yang tetap
  • bayi yang menyusu susu ibu sepenuhnya dari lahir sehingga 6 bulan yang pertama mempunyai tumbesaran yang baik dan sihat
2. Memberi perlindungan kepada bayi
  • kolostrum, susu ibu permulaan yang dikeluarkan pada hari pertama sehingga ke hari ketiga mengandungi antibodi (IgA) yang dapat melindungi bayi daripada jangkitan kuman dan alah

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

♥ ThiS iS We CaLL FoReVeR LoVe / LoVe FoEvEr AfTeR♥

Recognize and Marry Your Very Own Soul Mate

Hi readers, we meet gain. Sorry because I’m so busy with 
my life and I forgot to update my blog…

As your information I already married on my birthday 14 May 
(what a special gift right? I like it)

Last month one of my friends asked me “How you know he is the ONE”.  
Actually I can’t answer straight away like that but what I have told him that  
“You will find the ONE if :-”

  • You familiarize yourself with the signs you'll encounter along the way, and recognize which will lead your hopes and heart to the man of your dreams.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable being yourself in front of him.
  • Recognize if he has to love you and totally accept you.
  • He doesn't pressure you to become intimate before you are ready.
In ADDitiONAL :-
  • Confident and pay attention if you openly tell him that you him.
  •  You are excited to introduce him to your friends/family how great he is.
  •  See if you talk about your future with him without any prompting and gift a answer that show he also confident with this relationship and try the best to end this relationship to married life.
  • One way of finding out if he really cares/love for you; when you feel secure while with him, he makes you feel special and be worthy of your respect.
  •  See if you naturally remember his birthday, your anniversary, and days that are important to him.(man sometime forget about it, but try to apologies if he notice about their mistake and that time you will get new teddy bear or flower)
  • He listens to you and share the same value is to correct you if you do wrong (be a good Muslim, time shopping xlupa ajak pergi solat and marah kalau pakai seksi or x menutup aurat dll)
  •  IMPORTANTLY!!!! You trust him
  •  REMEMBER!!!! Stay away from a guy who is overly controlling.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear reader,

there's another article to share....

Inspirational Stories X : Anita Roddick & The Body Shop – By Ellesse Chow

I’m going to end our inspirational stories series with this feature on Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop. Most of you should be very familiar with this environmental-friendly cosmetic and beauty products provider and I’m not surprised if you’ve ever purchase anything from it. In fact, some of my earlier facial products were from The Body Shop

But how many of you know about the making of this brand name and the heroine behind it?

Against Expectations

Anita Roddick was a woman of a different breed. After all, who would have that kind of magnanimity to send her husband off to a 2 year expedition while slogging on a new business and taking care of 2 young kids?

Born to an Italian couple who had migrated to England , Anita started working at a very young age at her parent’s cafe in Littlehampton. She would work through the weekends at the cafe and then cramping in one of the rooms with both her parents and grandparents, while the other rooms in their house were rented out.

Around the World

It was nevertheless a short stint as young Anita was later sacked for allegedly taking part in a prank. Although it tainted her teaching career, the issue saw her taking up a bohemian lifestyle, traveling around Israel on a shoestring and then living in Paris and Switzerland for a few months. All that while, she was supporting herself through short term teaching assignments.

She eventually decided that there was more to life than that and left teaching for good, traveling to various countries such as Tahiti , New Caledonia , Australia , Madagascar and South Africa . Her expatriation from South Africa for patronizing a jazz club on “black night” culminated a year’s of travel and made her so broke and homesick that she finally decided to call it quits.

All It Takes Is … An Idea & Some Creativity

Anita eventually had an idea. She decided to set up a shop selling environmental-friendly cosmetics that used natural ingredients. Though it was a good concept, she had a hard time convincing the bank because of her rock star like image. It was only when Gordon forced her to revisit the bank wearing a power suit with a well written business plan before her loan request was approved.

Anita’s ability to inject creativity into her limitations was unquestionably her recipe for success. With the money, she set up the first The Body Shop outlet in artsy Brighton in 1976 and began with 15 products, 5 different sizes for each. She later admitted that the different sizes stemmed from the need to stack up the store shelves so that it wouldn’t look so empty. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Even when she didn’t have funds to purchase enough of those inexpensive bottles (similar to the ones used by hospitals for urine samples), she was creative enough to bank on the go green movement and started the refill-the-used-bottles concept. Not only was the concept well received by the environmental enthusiasts, it struck a chord with the thrifty crowd.

Her creativity was also extended to the interior design and publicity of The Body Shop outlet. Who would have expected that the signature dark green colour used on the walls, which came to symbolize the company’s recycling and sustainability efforts, was a bid to hide the shop’s unsightly water marks? And who would have known that a lawsuit threat by 2 nearby funeral parlors for using the brand name “The Body Shop” would turn out to be a no cost newspaper publicity campaign? In fact, the free publicity was so sensational that she made £130 on the grand opening day, way exceeding Gordon’s target of £300 a week.

Husband & Wife Synergy

When Gordon came home, not only was he excited that Anita had opened a second outlet in another town nearby, he also worked with her subsequently to develop The Body Shop into a franchise, using whatever additional funds they generated into product research. That business model allowed them to open at least 2 stores each month by 1982. 2 years later, the group was publicly listed.

Today, The Body Shop can be found in more than 50 countries with over 2,000 outlets. The product range has increased to 600 different types. The heroine behind this brand was also roped in to setup a college business degree course and knighted with the title DBE (Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire ). Isn’t this amazing?

What Did I Learn From This Story?

That everyone deserves a life of no regrets! The choice of making that decision lies in no one but yourself.

(1) A Soul Mate… Someone to Share or Sell Your Soul to?

Everyone would admit that Anita’s an extraordinary wife. Although I’m still single, I can still understand the anxiety some wives would feel having their husbands leave them behind if they were in the same situation. In fact, an user that I’ve worked with in my last job used to tell me how his wife would call him every other hour (sometimes crying in exasperation) when he was out in another state for business.

That left me wondering. Is a soul mate someone whom you share your aspirations, decisions, happiness and troubles with or someone whom you account to for every single movement, action that you make to the extent of suppressing your own individuality?

If getting married is equivalent to losing your soul to someone else, doesn’t it make sense to stay single?

That’s an open question that I myself am still pondering.

Your decision to pursue the dream of your lifetime may not be popular with the people you love, but you don’t exist in this world just to be popular. You are in this world because you’ve got a mission to accomplish. You could be in this world to show the world how to be a better philanthropist. Or an adventurer. Or whatever you’ve chosen to do.

But if you decide to disregard that and settle for less than what you deserve, you’ll sense a tinge of uneasiness even when you’re on your death bed. That, is the feeling of regretfulness.

Don’t wait for that to happen. Aspire.

Aspire to live a life where you’ve done what you should have done, tried what you should have tried.

Update : It came to my understanding that Anita Roddick died of a major accute brain haemorrhage on September 10, 2007, sometime after the writing of this article. I hereby dedicate this article to her and her family. She might have left the world. But her spirit lives on. Thank you, Anita Roddick for being an inspiration!

Have a great day.


Monday, May 3, 2010



EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love with your spouse/partner. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their idiosyncrasies (unconventional behavior/habit).

Falling in love with your spouse wasn't hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn't have to do anything. That's why it's called 'falling' in love... Because it's happening TO YOU.

Falling in love is easy. It's a passive and spontaneous experience. But after a few years of marriage/Couple, the euphoria (excitement) of love fades. It's the natural cycle of EVERY relationship. Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens), and your spouse's behaviour/habit, instead of being cute, drive you nuts.

The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, but if you think about your marriage, you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage.

At this point, you and/or your spouse might start asking, 'Did I marry the right person?' And as you and your spouse reflect on theeuphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else. This is when marriages breakdown. People blame their spouse for their unhappiness and look outside their marriage for fulfilment.

Extramarital fulfilment comes in all shapes and sizes. Infidelity is the most obvious. But sometimes people turn to work, hobby, a friendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances.

But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your marriage. It lies within it. I'm not saying that you couldn't fall in love with someone else. You could.

And TEMPORARILY you'd feel better. But you'd be in the same situation a few years later. Because (listen carefully to this):


SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It'll NEVER just happen to you. You can't 'find' LASTING love. You have to 'make' it day in and day out. That's why we have the - expression 'the labor of love’.Because it takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it takes WISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage work.

Make no mistake about it. Love is NOT a mystery. There are specific things you can do (with or without your spouse) to succeed with your marriage.

Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships.Just as the right diet and exercise program makes you physically stronger, certain habits in your relationship WILL make your marriage stronger. It's a direct cause and effect. If you know and apply the laws, the results are predictable... you can 'make' love.

Love in marriage is indeed a 'decision'... Not just a feeling.

Remember this always:

'ALLAH S.W.T determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.'